Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back To The Loaf

And yet, we ski on.  (Photo credit to Brooks Layman).  (Finding the photos, not taking them (I think)).
What happens when you get backseat?

You get lost!

And descend into the deep woods of Sugarloaf, never to be seen again.


This week's Garmin GPS moment brought to you by Sugarloaf Mountain!

"Recalculating line, please wait!"

Especially confusing.  It seems this man has hiked, but now stands in the middle of the same hairpin
he hiked, but is now missing a ski.  I don't know how this happened, and I don't know
if he's going 0 mph and is pissed off, or if he's going 20 and is about to eat it.  It looks
like he hit that upper hairpin somewhat recently, but we will not be getting to the bottom of
this mystery anytime soon.

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