Thursday, December 27, 2012

Panorama and Steamboat Carnage

Merry Christmas bros and brahs.  Santa brought me some good pictures for you.  As the boys say when Michael Bolton gets in the studio, "Let's get to it!"

This picture reminds me of a classic baseball pitcher windup before bringing the heat.
Koufax, anyone?
Relatively nonchalant expression, truth be told.  Care more bro.  Care more.
Oh, NOW it's getting a little more serious.  Utah suit, Stockli skis, I give it
a 5% chance this guy speaks English as a first language.
And so the straddle series commences:

Nothing like bowing your head in disappointment before you even get past the gate.
So THIS is what Ruxin's vinegar stokes look like!

Straddling is bad, but straddling and sneezing simultaneously is just no good at all.

... And thus concludes the straddle series.  Bonus shot:

A cry for help if ever I've seen one.  Sorry dude, the gatekeeper isn't gonna deal with that snow fart.
Thanks to Heather for the pics.  Send crashes to!

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