Saturday, December 22, 2012

That's GOLD Jerry, GOLD!

While it may have been a devo caliber race, this is truly an olympic caliber crash.

Well you can't cut any grass without reaching down to start the mower.

Eying that combination is strictly wishful thinking at this point.

The Gangnam style dance is two or three months late, brahski.

"Well, if Liam Mulhern can pull this off..."

"I should be able to also, right?"

Nope.  This looks like a catcher who got a curveball on the outside when he
was expecting a fastball down and in.
Good thinking letting everyone know who your ski sponsor is.  Wouldn't
have wanted to leave any question about that.

Ahhh... he's a trooper.  I can't complain much.

All crash videos and pics to

Thanks to Brooks Layman for this submission.

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