Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Falls...

Little mountains.  Shots come from Midwest USCSA competition.  Chump in red suit unknown to me at the moment.

Yeah bro I heard water skiiers drop skis all the time.  How's standing on one foot, flamingo boy.
And Jenny Finch, elite softball pitcher, winds up to bring the underhanded HEAT!

I'm really puzzled by this.  Did an arm come off?  I think I see a head, an arm, and another arm,
but definitely only one foot.  What is going on here?
Get worked squad on deck.
I don't have video but I'm kind of thinking this was just a real slow speed endeavor.
Oh.. that blue gate is almost here.
Oh yeah that blue gate is definitely still almost here.
Yes, I think I'm at the blue gate now.  Yes, I'm at the blue gate.
Why... is that a ROCK SCRATCH on the back outside edge of this ski?  Egregious!

The world famous caddy lines up a putt for his liege.
All in all looks like a healthy dose of drama.  You do you, Midwest.  Just keep taking pictures of it for us.

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