Thursday, January 24, 2013

College No Parents!

Carnival racing:  It's not for everyone.  This chump is not living the life of champions.  Then again, we can't all be 24 year old Scandinavians or 26 year old Canadians.

"OMG my run is going so well!  I'm totally gonna make flip from bib 51!"

"Hm I guess THAT'S why you do squats in the off-season."

"I hope that was just a fart and nothing solid..."

"Um... is it time to rip off an inside ski turn?"

"Oh... no.  It is not that time.  It's not that time at all."

"Probably not making flip anymore.  Probably not.  Nope."

Where am I?

"How'd our Nordies do this weekend?"  "Ahh... they all hiked." #Shpalljoke

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