Friday, February 15, 2013

Breakfast Sandwich Time!

Editor's Note:  Obviously Slalom Tokyo Drift has been your number one source for ski racing misery for quite some time now.  However, I've grown increasingly concerned with the lack of lodge breakfast sandwich reviews available on the internet.  I eat breakfast sandwiches every day (twice on Sundays) and spend a lot of mornings in lodges.  But fear no more, Ian!  I've enlisted Sam's help to keep you up to date on the most delicious breakfast sandwiches in New England.  Blog on, young Sam.  Blog on.


Ahoy Narps,
Whilst you folks have been enjoying images of fools on the slopes, I have been sampling the finest flavors of the ski racing circuit - yup, it's breakfast sandwich time.

Sandwiches are graded on a three part scale, and given a final numerical rating.
The basic equation: (Qualtiy+Quantity+Eatability)/Price
Remember your order of operations people.
Quality and Quantity are fairly self-explanatory. Eatability includes presentation, ease of consumption, friendliness of service, etc.

Let us begin our tour at the Middlebury Snow Bowl, home of Vermont's finest high school cafeteria.

(Banana for scale)
Overall-4.27 (the scale basically ranges from 1-6, so this is pretty good)

A quality sandwich leads to a quality day of racing at the Snow Bowl. Make sure your ticket is on your goggles, the lifties make Bruce Willis look soft hearted... and those Midd-Kids are super nice, can't wait until they apply to college.

Editor's Note, Part 2:  If you don't appreciate the breakfast sandwich component of this blog or are a vegetarian honestly just go stick your head into a toilet.

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