Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Incredible Display of Accuracy

Will Brandenburg, tummy slider extraordinaire!  So smooth.  So suave.  Penguins see Will Brandenburg slide on his tummy and get jealous.  Will Brandenburg's coaches AND PARENTS hope that he crashes so that he can slide on his tummy instead of finishing.  Will Brandenburg can score sub 50 point results SOLELY ON HIS STOMACH.  Will Brandenburg has kevlar abs.

Okay, he's down 3 seconds at the split, but that's fine... he's a slalom skier at heart.  Let it be.
Brief sidenote, I LOVE blogging the first screenshot+caption combo.  Right before the drama begins.  It's always brightest right before they turn off the lights, or something.  I'm kind of a sicko.

My owners taught me better than to poop and then clean my butt with the carpet.
I'm a dog.
*Insert Harlem Shake Drop*
Video + tummysliding after the jump:

This ski gets more airtime than punts in Denver.
Buttslide?  Buttslide?
FLIP IT OVER!  He misses the first set of B-net by feet..

Misses the second set of B-net by INCHES... but what's that on the right?
Misses the finish by METERS!  Centimeters?  Kilometers?  I don't know, I don't really metric that much.
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