Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Can't Even Screenshot

This one is just so phenomenal I can't screenshot it.  Nothing other than watching this video in full, glorious length is appropriate.  Okay fine I'll screenshot it.  Get new goggles.  Do us all a favor.

"Okay, reaching a bit but not the end of the world."
"Wait... wait... wait.. what?"
"I feel like an Arab in Zero Dark Thirty!  Lights out, baby!"
Pics + vid after the jump:

"Actually, it kind of looks like I've salvaged this!  No problem.  But my eyes are kind of teary."
"Oh and here I am, knifing off a turn!  Arc city mayor, indeed!"
*Soundtrack Bonus* Losing Hope by Jack Johnson 
And right back at it.  That's that shit I DO like.
Thanks to Jake Gougeon for the video.
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