Wednesday, February 13, 2013


From Willy Blommer:  "Chinbars are for pussies."

Like I've said before, if I were this kid's parents and I saw him I'd be upset.  Not about the face, but about the $40+$80 I spent on pole and shin guards.  If I'm throwing down for that stuff, you'd think my son would at least have the courtesy to hit some gates with them.  I'll tell you another thing, I'm not paying for pole guards AND chin stitches.  Choose one of the other.  Jesus Christ.
This picture would actually be kinda sick if everything were moved 18 inches to the right...
PS:  People who say they don't wear chinbars because they hit their face even when they were wearing a chinbar are morons.  I bet there have been some people in car crashes that died even though they were wearing seatbelts!  Chinbar swag for days.

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