Monday, February 25, 2013

Ho Hum, Ho Hum...

Another day another dollar.  UNREAL snow fart at the end.
Dude you should have had a 5-hour energy or something.  You can't be falling asleep when you're skiing.  Stop yawning.  Stop yawning dude.
Look at the outside ski.  I guess it's hard ripping turns with noodles on your feet.
This is what a cat would look like skiing GS and coughing up a hairball at the same time.
More pics after the jump:
Hey bro!  It's GS, not slalom!
Hey bro!  It's slalom, not GS!
Sometimes you gotta take a snow shit.
And when you're done taking a snow shit...
And get off the snow toilet...
You gotta wipe between the legs.
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