Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The winner and undisputed champ of the women's slalom, Jackie "Pacquiao" Maier!  Jackie is looking lean and mean in this run.  Strong jaw.  Strong jaw.  Until she gets wrecked by a left uppercut from... herself?  Down goes Maier!  Down goes Maier!
Good stuff right here.  Outside ski, check.  Good angles, check.
And is that... a vintage pole plant!  Holy poop!  Sign this girl up for a Warren Miller film!  Get her some neon!  Stop the presses!  Bravo!  Bravo!
The recoil is palpable.
The champ doesn't just give up that easily.  You can't take her out, course.
Video and conclusion after the jump:

OH!  And the champ strikes back!  A gate goes down!  Chalk this round up to Jackie.
Yup, she's right back in it.  No way she's going out n-
owwww... Oh.  Nevermind.
Probably time to make sure you didn't break your own chin.
Impossible to see here, but there is a phenomenal head shake right here in the video.  Wouldn't want you to miss it.  Sometimes even the champions gotta know when they're beat.
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