Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Phil Mahre's Advice Part 1

When I was a second year J2, Phil Mahre came on a training trip with us to Nakiska.  About halfway through the camp he gave a talk on what it takes to be a world champion.  Phil knew everything there was about GS and slalom, but admitted that he didn't know that much about speed.  However, he did have this nugget of advice for us.  "If you're going up for your run, try not to watch last girls.  They'll put the fear of God into you."  Today, I will reaffirm this fear of God for you.  The setting?  Sugarloaf. As always.

You know, I take it back!  Usually these girls are scared, but this is pure aggression!  Tucking at the top of headwall?  What would Doug Lewis say about this?  Probably something annoying!
Okay... I mean you're a little off the gate, but that's fine.  It's a high speed engagement, and plastic hurts.  You got this no problem, I think.
Dear... that's the outside gate.
Conclusion pics (EW) + video after the jump.

Did they slip the outside gate line?  Let's see.
Ahhhh... no.  No, they did not.
Not in the slightest.
And that's why they set the net up.
Thanks to Michelle for the submission!  Phil Mahre's advice part 2 coming soon.

Pics and vids to theamericanmob@gmail.com

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