Friday, February 15, 2013

Schaldming 2, Losers 0.

Some people just can't perform under pressure, I guess.

"Dad!  Dad!  Did you see me?  I'm winning the top split!  I'm winning the top split!"
Speaking of... I'll take a banana to go with that SPLIT.
Well, I hope her mom didn't want any grandchildren.
Low visibility.  High speed.  Death imminent.
Make sure you get that arugula out of your teeth.  When you're flossing.  With the net. 
Some pretty incredible airtime with those skis right now.  But you might want to grab them.
Scorpion Queen 
What's that?  You want another angle?  Done.  Done.

Yeah, I'll take a PIZZA to go with that SPLIT.
This honestly looks like performance art now.  What moves! 
This honestly looks like she is just a person taking a dog on a walk the way she's looking at that ski.

Her neck probably feels pretty good.  And how are her eyes?  I can see her goggles.  They are being worn by an invisible, eight foot tall man. 
Fuck it, let's do some pushups.
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