Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taylor Swift Goat Edition

Just kidding.  But there are loud noises to be had.  That is for goddamn sure.  This video is proof that night racing isn't safe.  It gets dangerous under those lights.  Bring some earmuffs for the little ones.  Not for the cold.  Not for the cold at all.  Proctor.  Watch out.  Plug the big speakers in for this audio.  It deserves more than your computer speakers.

Indiana Jones hates snakes.  He says, "Snakes... why'd it have to be snakes."
Well Indiana Jones probably doesn't like Proctor... because that is a bonafide snow snake attacking this guy's left foot.
This could go one of two ways... he could pull it together and keep it rolling.  Or...
It could go this way.  This way is more fun to watch.
Video and conclusion after the jump.  Good stuff.  Good stuff indeed.

Big Tree?
Fall Hard.
Followed by one of the most patronizing comments ever made by a coach... listen to the video.  Unreal.
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