Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bold Strategy

Harry Potter can fly around all day with something between his legs, but in ski racing, that generally means your day is over.

I like when panels are placed pretty high up, because that generally means it's lights out when someone straddles... this panel placement is altogether too low.  Barely even comical.
Reach for the golden snitch!  Is that a Ravenclaw GS suit I see?
Okay... I guess we're starting to get there
#Charmin #twoply #wipefromfronttoback
See the semi-exciting conclusion after the jump!

Snow fart? 
Snow fart, indeed.
We doing this?  We really doing this?  I'm not proud of you.
 The snow is melting!  But keep the blog stream steady!

Thanks to Heather for the submission.

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