Monday, March 11, 2013

Crash Of The Year

Incredible.  Legendary.  This crash has the best slow motion breakdown of anything I've ever seen.  Plus I don't think he was hurt too badly... so I don't feel bad.  Fritz Dopfer.  So hot right now.  Uvex poster boy.  Popping lenses like Sean Carter keeps popping tags.
There's being inside the line... and there's being WAY inside the line.  Fritz is WAY inside the line.
Oh boy.  This is where it starts... I'm about to tease the shit out of you.  What happens?  What happens?
 Pics + video after the jump.

"SCHIZER!"  Boys... this is not the day I was looking for.  But it's the day we're getting.
Not being sarcastic whatsoever.  Incredible angles all things considered right now.  Great line, incredible angles, strong jaw, soft hair.  Fritz Dopfer.  Make it work, Fritz.
How do they say it?  Auf Wiedersehen?  So long, farewell, good bye, auf wiedersehen...
I'd like... to stay... and drink my first champagne...
Full speed.  Arcing on the inside edge.  Love it.  Love it.  FULL SPEED arcing into the advertisement.  Generali!
BANG!  Game over.  Now, as Dave Chapelle says... let's watch it, in SLO-MO.
Are you ready for this?  Are you ready for this?
You're about to see...
The EXACT moment that his goggle lens pops out.
And there it is!
Kind of looks like he's tired.  Waking of from a nice nap and wiping the sleep out of his eyes.
Like... does it get better than this picture?  Does it?  Does it?
Fritz.  Look what you've done?
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

Bonus Video:

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