Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gatekeeper Problems

What a thankless job.  Standing out there in a GS race (who goes the wrong way around GS gates anyways?) for hours on end in the cold snow.  Visability?  None.  Course holds?  All the time.  And right when you think that's the worst of it.. you get rogue skis attacking you!  What do you mean?  Well, take a spin down memory lane from the Burke E-Cups:
Brad Farrell... Shred it and forget it!  Angles for days at Warren's Way.
Umm... bro? 
You forgot your ski!  Tighten that forward pressure, Brad!  Pick that DIN up a bit!
From this point on... Disregard Brad.  He's fine.  Trust me.  He gets out of this no problem.  I'm gonna need you to focus on the ski.  Let's see what the ski does here.
See what the ski does after the jump!  It's pretty goooooood... video too.

"Hey you.  Yeah you gatekeeper.  Give me your wallet."
"Yeah... that's right"
"That's right.  Reach into your back pocket and give me that money."
PS look!  Brad is still standing up!  He's fine!  See, I told you the truth.
 Thanks to a few people for the vid.  You guys are the best.  Could be a slow blogging week due to finals but I have a real good pipeline.  If anyone can get the video of Resi's ski slicing the pipes let me know. kthxbai

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