Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liam Mulhern: Trendsetter

I've already versed my thoughts and feelings on Whiteface, but here is some more carnage for your eyes.  This guy is drifting and cruising turns like Vin Diesel as Dom Torreto in his daddy's car.  This guy is Tokyo Drift, embodied.  The messiah of arcing.  We have found a savior.  Twintips.

What could be the most remarkable part of this sequence is it appears to be a very nice day at Whiteface!
It pains me to say this... but I'm running out of fun jokes for when people lose their outside ski.
See if Ian is still a funny blogger after the jump!

And I'm also starting to root for bad falls... 
For example this right here...
While athletic....
Kind of bums me out.
And we're good to go!
Thanks to Stephen for the video!
Keep the submissions flowing in... anyone know if Ryan Wilson is alive?  We'll find out soon!


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