Friday, March 15, 2013

Max (Whip) Lash

Oh boy.  This was a huge crash.  This was a humungous crash.  This was a... Mammoth... crash.  Although from what Max tells me, he did not suffer a scratch.  The skis and bindings are toast though.  J2 Nattys.  Or as they say now, U18 Nattys.  Feast away.  Video or pics first?  Probably pics.

Take out the cell phone.  Call up the lawyers.  Get the will drafted before you land.  Lord knows you have enough air time.  And your death is near certain.
I imagine that Max is currently looking at his shadow.  What do you see, Max?
Max has been in the air long enough that the entire west coast team has come up with separate "east coast speed team" jokes.  Sick, west coast team.  Cut us some slack.  Go to D'Ellie's, then we'll talk about elite downhills.
I like that Max is putting out a hand right now.  Dude, that's not gonna cut it.  Not all the one-handed pushups in the world could prepare you for the impact coming up.
 Video: (Oh gosh...)
Thanks to everyone for the crash.  Refill the blog pipeline!  Going away for a while.  Let's see how Sammy Mac blogs without me.  Breakfast for days!  Most important meal of the day.

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