Sunday, March 3, 2013

Minister of De-Fence

Ohhhh boy.  Those commentators are just large and in charge today, huh.  Jared Goldberg at Kvitfjell having some #spidermanproblems.  Doug Lewis and Steve Perino calling it how it is.  No mercy.  No mercy.  Hard hitting.

Sometimes you hear that Miley, and you just gotta put your hands up.
Sometimes you hear that Lil Jon, and you just gotta get low...
From the window....
To the fence!
Wait a second...
Steve Perino:  "Not a lot of people in Norway... so sometimes help doesn't get here right away."
Conclusion and video after the jump:

Good call Steve. 
What are you waiting for big guy?  Don't be a drama queen, get outta there.
 "He's like, 'What am I gonna hit here'... he's the minister of de-fence." - Doug Lewis.

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