Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Potential Attributes

If I had the choice between two abilities in my life, and the two abilities were showmanship, or the ability to match the angle of the terrain with my skis, I would choose showmanship almost every time.  However, if I were skiing Super G?  I would choose the ability to match the angle of the terrain with my skis.  Yikes.  Yikes.  BAM.  Rockstar Lifestyle.  Everyone loves it.  Colin Kamphuis, you're a legend.  Super G at Stowe.

Pterodactyls live!
Line me up baby.  Line me up.
Okay.  Real talk?  Colin goes SO big right here.
Uh oh...
See the show-stopping conclusion + video after the jump!

Sometimes you gotta roll the windows down when you're cruising.  #FGL.
Oh... geez... Is that inside ski catching on the snow?  Good grief, Charlie Brown.  Smell ya later.
And he takes a bow!  He's good to go!
Legendary status.  Thanks to Jake and Miss Eliza Cowie for the video.  How long do you think Colin went?  I mean he came about 15 feet/5 meters from going a full gate to gate in Super G.  I would guess at least 30 meters... maybe 40?  50?  Any guesses/scientific breakdowns and confirmations?

theamericanmob@gmail.com with the good stuff.  Thanks for reading.

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