Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sam... get your blog game going.

I'm on my way back from a phenomenal spring break with George Rolfs and Lloyd Laidlaw.  Sorry for the lack of posts but believe Tokyo Drift will be up and running at redline speeds until the snow melts.  The pipeline is full.  In my time away I came up with hundreds of new ways to make fun of people losing their outside ski.  Life is good.  Sunburnt arms and frostbitten toes.

For your viewing pleasures, thanks to Alex Leich:

Grind til you get it, cuz the sky is the limit.  So much going on in this photo, I don't even know.  I take it back.  I'm rusty.  Sorry.  Please forgive me.
Last FIS races this weekend, at Waterville Valley.  Slaloms.  Purple Cobra?  Started from the bottom now we here.  Glory days.  These pictures were the beginning of the blog.  Waterville Valley slaloms.
Believe it or not, I have had those blue swix poles for 8 years without them breaking.
The original accordion turn.  Kinda brings a tear to my eye now.  #nostalgia  
 And I love it.

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