Friday, March 1, 2013

Whiteface, Good Grief

Whiteface is always the home of the biggest debacles.  Terrible snow conditions, combined with a long GS and a steep pitch at the end, combined with no course workers, ever, and then the kicker...

30 second start intervals in GS.  No exceptions.  Literally the biggest joke.  The person in front of you will be screaming, holding their leg on the eighth gate.  The person two in front of you hiking up to get their ski that fell off on the tenth gate.  The person THREE in front of you hasn't even finished yet.  And the lady up top is yelling like an angry mother duckling.  "WHERE'S 68!  WHERE'S 68?"  Lady, we're on bib 42.  Do less.  "Racer ready?"  Not even close.

Alright, 65 seconds into the run.  Legs are burning.  But you sir, are about to rip an arc.  Get it done.
Bam.  Textbook.  Well, if the textbook is Warren Witherall's "A-Framing Through the 80's" 
What's your favorite game?  Is it Scramble with Friends?  Or is it Scramble solo?  At Whiteface?
And, we got it back together!  Good to go.
Or not.
This crash escalates quickly.  Video + conclusion after the jump:

At least you'll have a big contingent of people in the lodge to talk about your DNF with.
Oh boy.  The lactic acid has all about caught up with you, huh.
Well, this escalated quickly.
Goodbye ski.
Ohhhhh boy.  #Kitzbuhel #Albrecht #Macartney
Is that... TWO MEN DOWN?
Now is that coach saying, "Help, this kid needs help!"
Or is he saying, "This idiot knocked away my green powerade!"
I have an eagle sharp eye.
Thanks to Brooks for the submission. with pics or videos.


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