Monday, April 15, 2013

Winding It On Down

All the snow is melting!  Sorry for the lack of posts... But I have just got solid stream of blogs to round out the season.  Seventh Carnival at BC was unreal.  Breezy Johnson getting WORKED at Mammoth.

That gate is blue... not.
One of the most beautiful video still shots I've ever seen, all things considered.
Not great... but not terrible either.
Okay, landed on the feet, no problem, let's just-
Oh boy.  That escalated quickly.
Video + Conclusion after the jump:

Drawn and quartered.  To be totally honest, as you watch this, I think there is some exaggeration with the arms.  This isn't an Italian soccer game.  The jump isn't gonna get red carded for that hit it put on you.  Let it go. 
Contemplating why the hell people ski speed.  Also, what is the deal with that set of tracks?  It looks like no one has any idea where to go.
LOVE YOU GUYS! for submissions

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