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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Swiss Chick Falls, Unspectacular.

Jasmine Suter leans in, crashes, and it's utterly unremarkable.  But you know what, bloggers gonna blog.  So I'll do my best.
Arc city mayor putting up big margins in the second run... Like Gatsby, Jasmine had the green light on her mind.
Unfortunately, the Austrian snow snake roams these slopes. 
Does she get it back together?  Will Jasmine continue on her... magic carpet ride?
Conclusion + link after the jump:

She will not.
Lining up a shot with the old pool cue, I see.
That's not where I left my ski!  #notblessed #cursed
Jasmine Suter, borne back ceaselessly into the past.  She, like Gatsby before her, has lost the green light forever.

You can't tell me I lied to you.  An unremarkable crash, indeed.  But #winteriscoming and I feel pretty good about the future.

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  1. "She, like Gatsby before her, has lost the green light forever."