Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Could it be World Cup Season?

Could it be?  Could it be!  Say it is so!

Rookie Kieffer Christianson getting that Ligety trim job before his first world cup.  Frankly, I imagine Kieffer is more ecstatic about his haircut than he is about his chance to race Soelden this weekend!

"I got a whole bunch of popsicles in my basement..."
Now, I know we here at slalomtokyodrift take our journalistic integrity very seriously.  But this is the first time I've had real moral questions about the content I post.  If I get a snapchat version of this haircut (way more sexually devious) and screenshot said snapchat, do I post it?  Or is that violating the trust between us?

The answer...

I turn the snapchat screenshot into a separate blog to maintain daily updates in October!  Brilliant!

It's gonna be a long season ladies and gentlemen... strap yourselves in and lower your safety bars.  Unless you're in New Hampshire.  Then just life free or die.

PS, Matt Strand fitness update coming soon (am I kidding?  Am I not?)

Slalom ace out.  Tips to


  1. this is hazing. the united states should derecognize the ussa. look for the newest op-ed in skiracing next month!

  2. Now that rookie haircuts have been leaked to the press, should the new USSA COO put the Men's A team on probation for hazing? Is SlalomTokyoDrift the new Gawker???

  3. There's nothing harmful about it, especially when you have the chance to do it back to Ted!