Saturday, October 26, 2013


It sure is folks.. it sure is.  And quite frankly nothing could make me happier.

Emil from Sweden doing bad things to his knee ligaments in a hairpin.  You know how badly his right knee is doing in this photo?  So badly that his left knee is literally running away as fast as it can.  The left knee is trying to detach from the body.  It wants nothing to do with the right knee at all.  I bet if this picture were taken half a second later the left knee wouldn't even be in the frame.

Pacquiao fists aren't gonna save you here bud.
PS this picture was sent to me by Jakob from Sweden, which is HUGE for the blog.  Slalom Tokyo Drift is global.  And like 7-11... we might not be doing business.  But we're always open.  Do you know what "Sent from my iPhone" is in Swedish?

Skickat från min iPhone.

Again.  HUGE for the blog.

Soelden wrapup coming whenever Universal Sports gets their videos online.  Congrats to Lara Gut.  I have a huge crush on her.

Crashes to

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