Friday, November 1, 2013

Flygande Fredag

DJ Khaled?  Not global.  Prestige Worldwide?  Not global.  Slalom Toyko Drift?  SO GLOBAL!

From my man Rickard in Sweden, I present to you the following:

To be honest my caption game is a little rusty right now.  Sorry.  I'll try to have it back in mid season form soon.
Fredrik Sundqvist from Tarnaby Academy doing the damn thing.  Clearly this a screenshot, and I don't really understand what's going on.  I want to know, but sometimes you gotta focus on the bigger picture.  Getting pictures of airborne Swedes?  In November?  That is BIG for the blog.

Now, wait for it.  Obviously @slalomtokyodrift kills it on Instagram, and is real into the alliterative hashtags on a daily basis.  But Rickard specified that this picture, which he sent on TUESDAY, should wait until FLYING FRIDAY to be published.  Now that, THAT IS HUGE FOR THE BLOG!  Which got me wondering.  What is Friday in Swedish?  Is it still alliterative?  Wait no more.

But wait.  But wait.  What is "Flying?"

So from this day to my last day, I promise you.  Anytime Slalom Toyko Drifts get a picture or a series of someone flying through the air, it will be blogged on Friday, with the hashtag #flygandefredag.

This, Rickard, Fredrick, and Jakob... This, I do for you. with submissions.  Slalom ace out.

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