Friday, November 29, 2013

Stratton Airlines

Flights from Stratton leave only on Flygande Fredag!!!  Sean Sullivan doing his best helicopter impression from the mean slopes of Stratton.  Simply brutal.  And yet... I love it.  I live for it.  So buckle that middle seat seatbelt, recline into the old man behind you, and take out some peanuts, because it must be Friday.

No explanation.  No intro.  Welcome to the thunderdome.  I got a chopper in the car.
The sneaky part of this photo... look at the blue-coat coaches head in photo one, and then this photo.
Real fast turn of events.  Whiplash, potentially.  I don't know whom to be more worried for!
That's about right.  Thanks to Dorey White for the photos!  Submissions to, and yes I NEED Paul Stutz's crash from Loveland if anyone has it.  Oh and yeah my first race of the season is December 22nd, see you there.  #NCAAcantshutthisdown

Slalom Ace out.

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