Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trees Fall Hard...

When the Foreste goes down.  Classic pun.  Ian and blogging, getting it... getting it.  Great submission from Foreste Peterson doing the damn thing at some GS.  Just further proof that running number one isn't for everyone.

I want to say you're pinching.. but you're not even pinching!
I'm just gonna need you to pull that right arm in and....
Noooo... nooo.  Don't be a sidehugger.
Oh, so I guess we're doing this.  You should have worn your armguards
on the other side of your arm.  Bruises on bruises.
 Conclusion and video after the jump:

BOOM!  That pole knows what's up.  Getting out while the getting's good.
Foreste pointing up to the sky and cursing at the gods with her pole, I imagine.
Seems legit. 
But wait... there's a RED GATE in the way?
Killed em.

Foreste is super chill so I'm glad she's okay.  Future post on OOOOH KILL EM to come soon.

Submissions to  Slalom Ace Out.

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