Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early Contender

For crash of the year.  It's got elements of everything.  Surprise, despair, highs and lows.  Some character development, a little plot thickening.  And of course, some Marker bindings not doing what they're supposed to.  And finally, some mean mugging followed by a happy ending.  From some Loveland races at the start of the year.  I get it I get it I swear that I get it.  Follow close.

Arc city?  Dragging forearms?  Big boy angles aren't for everyone my friend.  Pride comes before the fall, and a fall there shall be.
What happened to the angles man?  What happened to the knuckle drag!  A second ago your right arm was on the snow!  Look at you, now look at us.  All my angles be low and stuff.
Oh look, a penny!
Better reach down and pick it up!
Oh, this penny is rolling all over the floor!  Better pick it up while also keeping an eye on my newly missing knee ligaments.  At least my skis will come off soon.  Nothing says, "Reliable" quite like Markers.
Oh wait maybe I actually want to keep skiing the course.
Actually nevermind, I'm just gonna sit back and think about my other options.  Are these twintips?  They are not?  Oh, they are not.  And why are both skis on?  Eh, why not.

Just insane amounts of rotation going on in this crash.  I count one and a half rotations so far.  Big pimping, spending G's. 
Don't you smile at me man.  That better be a grimace.  Your groins aren't in the same zip code as you are.
More blogs coming.  Put up your dukes, let's get down to it!  Fire away.  Slalom Ace out.

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