Friday, December 20, 2013

Hard Hitting Journalism

Looks like the demise of Alpine Press was exaggerated!  Way to grind and get it.

I thought about this for a while.  I know it's easy to make fun of.  But truth be told, I stand for nothing more so that exaggerating my own athletic prowess, especially in the earlier years.  So to Alpine Press, I say to you, congratulations.  For opening this door of comparing races to the year before, I salute you.  Now... don't mind if I do:

Let's start with a GS race from 2007.  Yeah it is sick.  I cut my bib from 86 to 40.  Damn.  Way to kill it.  Unless I went from 40 to 86.  I'm not really sure.  Either way, total time of 1:57.69.

Future Arc City Mayor!
 Now let's take a look at yesterday's E-Cup GS at Sugarloaf.
Ew.  Gross.  Ew.  Gross.

Looks like I won by 2.6 seconds.  I beat Sam by 3.8!  You see that Sam?  YOU SEE THAT!  I retired and I'm still beating you.  Sam, talk to me when you can break 2 minutes.

Thank you Alpine Press, for putting a twinkle in my eye and a swing in my step.  Cue the music!

PS:  Depending on how today goes, I might try to scrounge up some Downhill results where they started higher than I did during speed week and talk about that time I won US Nationals by 12 seconds.  I don't know if I'll have the time though.  Deals are hot, paper is flowing.

Slalom Ace Out.  See you on the 23rd... Tarberry, Tarberry, Macomber, Leafe taking over NH USSA races on the Glory Days/Legends Never Die tour.  UOENO.

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