Monday, December 9, 2013

High Speed Yoga

All the way from Chile to Colorado in pursuit of speed and excellence.  You won't find it here today folks, just some body parts moving in ways they shouldn't, mixed in with a little blame.
This is actually the closest thing to Ooh Kill Em I've seen yet! 
This downward facing dog is mediocre at best.  Or maybe it's a transition to triangle pose?  Hard to know for sure.
This here is a defeated look.  The look of a man who regrets everything about this day. 
Now this... this is a vengeful look.  This Chilean is looking directly into the soul of the photographer.  And he is saying, "This isn't going to fly.  I'm going to do something about this.  Stop your actions right now."
"...Or maybe I'll just keep penguin sliding"...
Or as they say in spanish, el pinguino deslizamiento.  Woof.  This blog is a lot like Chile.  Long, and with a lot of high points.

Slalom Ace Out... see you soon.  Thanks to Alex for the pics.

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