Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lake Louise... No Prisoners.

Andreas Strodl... They call him... the strobe light.  Because one second he's on, and then a millisecond later, he's off.  He's lights out.  Game over.  UOENO.

YEAH BAYBEEEEEEE Two seconds out def making this up on the flats just gotta keep that high tuck...
PICK MY HIP UP and then I drop it on the effing snoowwwwww...
Oh wait he's getting it back together.
BUT WHO PUT A RED GATE THERE?  Who would ever do such a thing.  Come on.  Come on.
Hey bro you took a little something with you... but it's taking a little something back..
Check your teeth, check yourself.
Teeth?  Teeth?

BLOGS ON BLOGS ON BLOGS coming up so stay tuned.

Also, why have I not seen a OOH KILL EM dance yet in the finish?  What's going on?

Submissions to  Thanks to Sean for the tip.

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