Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lienz Finish Lines

Megan McJames getting McWorked by a gate during the GS on Saturday at Lienz.  Bib 45 and two long skis, baby that's all we need.  Groins missing left and right.  This crash is so epic it has a plot.  HBO is considering turning it into a miniseries.  Applebee's is trying to buy sponsorship rights.  And me?  Well I just hope Megan is okay.  Because I am a sweetheart.  Show me the money, you say?  Well here it is.

It look like Megan lienz in a little here.
Hey, sometimes my armpits get itchy too.  But it doesn't mean you should scratch them with your knee,
while skiing at high speeds.
I believe they call this the money shot.  More answers here than questions, which is unusual in this business. 
Now Megan might just be barely holding on, but that red panel sure has a death grip on her ski.
Get off of me, you red nylon leech!
Oh.  Well it looks like Megan's not gonna get a second run.  That's a bummer.
But hey as a consolation prize... here's a red gate!  Congratulations Megan.
So I know I'm not the only thinking this... what was her time?  Looks like she just barely made it.

Send me the finest ski crashes.  I demand it.  Slalom Ace out.  First race tomorrow (potentially).  Game on.  I figured out I'm coaching 98s and 99s, which really makes me happy.  I don't know how I'd deal with coaching a 00.

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