Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Straddle's, Waiting

Ride it, my pony.

Straight from the mean streets of Burke in December.. I think.  It's been too long.  This is the kind of wipeout that makes me feel good about hanging it up, ya know?  I'm like the fat cop in Die Hard.  Sometimes you see a few to many of these youngsters taking falls and it really gets to you.  The slopes are no good for me anymore.  This blog has ruined me.

Sometimes you gotta set the table before you break a few dishes.
A #StraddleSaturday?  On a Wednesday Tuesday?  What is this word coming too?
The question is... do you pull of out the course, or just keep trying to ski?
Or I guess... Option number three.  Hey is my left boot buckled?  I just have to see. 
This escalated very quickly.  From #StraddleSaturday to #FlygandeFredag so fast I don't think anyone knows what is happening.  Truth be told I'm more disoriented than she is!
Noo... noooo... nooo.....
This makes me feel reevaluate my life decisions just watching.

Thanks to Yale for the great video.  Also WAY too fast on the trigger finger whoever taped this.  The crash without the crash aftermath is like the dinner with no desert.  Or no cuddling after.

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