Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Anaconda

My main man Blardone getting lit up all day, bodies in the hallway.  The existence of the elusive snow snake has been well documented throughout various nature documentaries, and the occasional ski crash blog, but even Thomas Edison had his doubters.  Well friends, this is the lightbulb.  Evidence beyond a doubt that snow snakes do exist, and that none of us are exempt from their poisonous and deadly bite, even when traveling 40+ mph on an icy surface.  You see, my friends -- the snow snake is warm blooded.

Massamiliano Blardone is Italian for "Pass me more Milano cookies".  True story.

Yep, I think he's a goner.  Snake King Cobra, it looks like.
As you can see, the snow snake has taken a ski of Milano's for its own.  A snow snake only needs one ski.
Snow Python is wrapping itself around Milano's neck now. 
Let this be a tragic lesson to you all.

Crushed it.  Slalom Ace Out.  Thanks to Ben from Chile for the video.  theamericanmob@gmail.com with more good stuff... try to keep up.

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