Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's for DINner?

Booyah baybee pew pew pew!  Another classic Toepiece Tuesday, brought to you from the fine people at Loveland.  If you're not hungry for hard munches and cold brunches, check your DIN before you strap in.  Safety's no accident, folks.  Love hurts sometimes.  Kristiina Rove going down hard.

Although the framing of the gate isn't bad, I wish there weren't a panel in the way...
I'd really like to see a facial expression here.  Background coach is non-plussed.
I believe this is the "Slide to the right" part of the cha-cha slide.
You know which Utah athlete is great with one foot?  Andy Phillips.  You know who isn't?  Kristiina.  QUALITY videos coming soon.  Send more to theamericanmob@gmail.com.  Slalom Ace Out.

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