Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's Your Favorite Will Smith Song?

Because mine is switch...  Rok "The Mic" Perko getting lit up on the meanest street on all of Canada... on the only road in Canada.  Rok Perko is an absolutely incredible name for anyone.  I imagine Rok Perko as a henchman to a James Bond villain.   More carnage from Lake Louise.  Prepare for some more verbal carnage, I'm feeling pretty punny at the moment.

Rok solid coming into the turn.  Could use a little more outside ski but ehhh..
Oh baybeeee!  Is that a dance move!  I think it is.
Put another dollar in the jukebox, because I love Rok "And Roll" Perko!
Snow fart.  Brutal.  Haven't seen someone that covered in white since Tobias got his Roks off.
Conclusion out of the darkness and into the light + video after the jump:

Where are you going?  Does Lake Louise not have pines?  Are you trying to head down south to the land of the pines?
Boom.  Rok me momma.
He's definitely rokkin the suburbs, but not quite to that Liam Mulhern extent.  After a run like this though,
you definitely need a nice drink to calm your nerves.  Maybe a whiskey...
On the roks.
Between a rok and a hard place.  The surface is injected.
This picture is mostly in here to illustrate how high his pole goes.
But while the pole is high the man has hit rok bottom.

You know, I wish I had gotten in a last name pun.  Oh well.  I bet Rok Perko wishes he hadn't crashed.  He's gonna be sore as hell tomorrow.  I don't know if Advil will be enough for that pain... might gotta go with some perkocet.  BAM and that's how fast it happens.  I am on fire.  So many blog ideas perkolating in my head.  And if you don't like this, I don't really care.  Perks of running your own blog.

Slalom Ace Out.

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