Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back To Back Jacks

Look, there's no other way to say it.  These are two back to back homerun videos.  Whammy, whammy.  Let's get the Verizon call to the bullpen.  Get that guy out of there!  Ian's teeing off on him!  Marina Nigg, trying to get her first world cup points in three years.  She made second run.  Lichtenstein is on their feet with excitement.  She's a little down at the split but it ain't no thing, those points are so close she can almost taste them.
Yes Marina, yes!  You and your slightly politically incorrect last name are are flying down the course to fame.
Lichtenstein is on their feet!
No Marina, no!  Are you leaning in?  Why are you leaning in!  Who told you to do that!  Not me!
Marina, that's the wrong way!  You can't go around the blue gate that way!  Turn around!
Not all is lost.  If you just hike fast you'll be able to salvage these top 30 points!  You just gonna finish girl!
Marina!  Marina!  Marina!  The people are chanting your name.  Keep hiking, the blue gate is just...
And there it goes.  The blue gate is Kate Winslet.  Marina Nigg is Leo.
I'll never let go Jack.  But Kate DID let go.  And Marina did not make second run.
Reevaluating life choices.  Good job making flip from 56 Marina!

Thanks to Johan for the video.  Skis long, money long.  Me and slalom skiers we don't get along.  Slalom all day, bodies in the hallway.  Slalom Ace out.

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