Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Old Night in Mont-Ste-Anne

Alright, this is a true story.  Not like those other Wildlife Wednesday jokes.  During my stint in college (4 years, way too short, I know) I went up to Mont-Ste-Anne for some GS races.  Now this is no "NCAA" type situation on a "Varsity College Team", ya know what I mean?  So after the race was over on day one, I headed out to the bars with one of my friends that I met on the side of the course earlier in the day.  His name is Fredrick, and he is a moose.  So we head out to the bars and start with a few great beers.  In Quebec there are a lot of restaurant/breweries and we were at one of the ones that had 20 or so beers on tap.  Obviously we decided we were gonna try each one.  So we started at the top of the menu and slowly worked our way to the bottom.  At the end of the night we were wrapping everything up and decided to rip a few shots for good measure.  The bartender says, "you fellas have had a good run," and tries to cut us off, but we talked him into two shots.  I throw some back fast, because I have first run inspection in four hours, ya know? So I rip the shots, and my buddy Fredrick does too.  And he just falls right off his barstool and slams onto the ground.  Now if we were in the states I obviously would have taken care of him, no problem right?  But since we're in Canada I figure nahhhhh I'll just let him be, the hospital trip will be free.  I leave Fredrick on the ground and walk out of the door.  As I'm leaving the bartender goes "Hey buddy you can't just leave that lyin' there!"  And I say, "Sooorry?  That's not a lion, that's a moose!  Ya hoser!"

So after 22 drinks and 4 hours of sleep I scored my first sub-10 FIS result at the race next morning.  That's a true story.  Made out with Tine Weireither in the hot tub that night too.  Wasn't good when Julia Mancuso found out.

Video of Fredrick the next morning:

How hungover was that Moose!  I'll tell ya boys... never a dull moment in Canada.

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