Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Carnival Round Up - Sad Faces

As they say in Brazil, it's time to carnival!  The NCAA season is upon us like a wrecking ball.  But unfortunately Sugarloaf isn't all mediocre burgers from The Bag and elite breakfast sandwiches from D'Ellie's.  The slopes are treacherous, even when they aren't blowing snow on the race hill during a race.  You must always focus at Sugarloaf... no other mountain would think to schedule the only speed week on the east coast the same week as the special olympics, EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  Talk about a mixed bag of abilities.  Frostbite, snowsnakes, and food poisoning from "fresh caught" salmon served up on two-fer-Tuesdays at Gepetto's.  Thanks to www.DustinSatloff.com for posting this year's carnival pics.  Now here we go...

The tongue out is a nice touch.  Very Jordanesque, as you blow by that blue gate as did Jordan to so many defenders.  Can't spell "Definitely Awesome" without DNF.
My go to joke per usual: "Hello?  Sugarloaf guest services?  Yes, I'm looking for lost and found... have you seen my outside ski anywhere?"
Sheer terror.  God I love Sugarloaf.
This is Jeanne Barthold.  She started 21st and finished 3rd in her home carnival, her senior year.  Probably her best race ever.  And this is how she feels about it. 
Too much of a good thing can be bad.  Take angles, for example.
A beautiful shot of the northern light reflecting onto a gigantic snow fart.  Snow snake not visible but obviously in the frame somewhere.  Kind of like Where's Waldo except everything's white. 
There's nowhere I'd rather see in my rearview mirror than Sugarloaf.  That's for damn sure.
Thanks to Gunnar for the link.  I got Zampa's instagram video!  And it is preeeeeeeety good.  Daddy loves you.  theamericanmob@gmail.com with new stuff.  Blog pipeline is heating up.  See the east coast NCAA circuit on Friday!  #roadtobartlett, Slalom Ace out.

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