Saturday, January 25, 2014

Delayed Flygande Fredag

Sorry about that.  I was busy going to ski races.  Something you'll never have to worry about from Alpine Press these days... am I right?  Anyways, here is an exquisite display of flying through the air brought to you by Drew West and the fine people of Burke Mountain Academy, home of the Wyatt pancake special.  In case anyone doesn't know (unlikely, I know) the Wyatt pancake special consists of two blueberry pancakes, with chocolate chips tossed in the middle.  The reason for this is that blueberries don't get burnt, but chocolate does, so in an ideal world the chocolate would have a lower temperature.  Well folks, there is no ideal world.  Drew West knows that.  However, there is an ideal pancake, and its name is the Wyatt pancake special.

After toepiece tuesday comes...
But then again, today is #semiseriousconcussionsaturday
Ahh... who put that gate there.
Drew West: "What have I done to deserve such a fate!"

Thanks to Amber and Jack for the crash.  Also, thanks to whomever is coaching for their phenomenal play by play commentary.  This is a video you simply much watch with audio.  Carnage, indeed.  And just like everything we do on the blog, we liked the crash, but we hope you're okay.  In honor of the state of the union address coming later today, I will give a state of Slalom Tokyo Drift update.  It's strong as shit.  Slalom Ace out.

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