Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life is like a Football

Sometimes it takes a bad bounce.  Mr. GS himself, Ted "Legitting Angles" Ligety showing the world that even the best fall down sometime.  Even the slow skiers have fast times.  Out of the turns that fill my mind, I sometimes find, my ski and that red gate... collide.  Whatever.  It's an Olympic year, this is just a warmup.  It's not called #RoadToAdelboden, ya know?  It's just not.  Get 'em next time slugger.  Good job!  Good effort!

This is like the sweet melodic part before "AHH OH MY GOD"
Seven Harry Potter books,  a small liquor collection, several lamps, and a rhino tusk.
All of that would fit on this SHELF Ted hits with his leg right here.
Whammy... ewwww.  Gross.  Check your knee for bite marks, and your mouth for any remaining teeth.
Adding insult to injury, and adding straddles to Slalom Toyko Drift.  Because it's Sunday.
Could be Toepiece Tuesday though!
Don't stop here.  I lost my place.  I'm close behind.

More Adelboden roundup coming later this week, I hope.  But what you should REALLY stay tuned for is #WildlifeWednesday on the blog and Instagram.  Fire, fire flames coming at you.  Cera F.  High flouro corn snow, my favorite sugar slalom substitute.

Send me some good stuff!  Slalom Ace out.

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