Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slalom Snake vs. Snow Snake

Has the snow snake coverage gotten a little overbearing?  No?  Good, that's what I thought.  Anyways, here's Sam "Slalom Snake" Coffey of UNH versus a snow snake (scientific classification -- Anguis Vermontum Nubila*).  No one is a winner here.

Are city resident.  Perhaps not mayor.  Not necessarily the conductor of the angles train, but close.
Hey, if you drew a straight line from where that inside ski is pointing, it looks like it would go...
...right about there.  #straddlesaturday
Sometimes you gotta backseat freestyle a little bit.  What would Liam Mulhern do?
He'd do it switch!
I hope Sam has floss to get that blue plastic out of his teeth.  Or alternatively, I hope he has good dental insurance.

Boo.  Ya.  Bay.  Bee.  Send me some pics of skiing this weekend so I can do a round up of the bad weather.  Send me crashes.  Daddy's thirsty.  Thanks to Sam for the great footage and good luck this season to everyone.  You're gonna need it.  There are snow snakes everywhere.  No one is safe.  Slalom Ace out.

*via Google Translate

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