Monday, January 20, 2014

Tony Montana meets Kenny Powers meets Rick James

Before we get to the crash, I'd like to focus on the exquisite video work you are about to see.  Too often in my line of business, I find myself wishing the coach in question would zoom in to document the screams and agony of defeat, instead of putting the camera down to quickly run to the aid of their athlete, and perhaps stop the bleeding or pick up the missing skis, goggles and groin muscles.  So here's to you, video man or woman.  You deserve it.  Now, as they say in Mulan, let's get down to business.

Bizarre half stivot while maintaining arcs.  If you pressure now you will go 4 feet inside the gate, mister.
Knock it off, or it will knock you off.
So when in doubt, split the difference!
Uh oh.  Groin missing?  We saw this with Acosta!  If you straddle, it's game over... 
But you did not!  By mere inches!  Or as they say in ski racing, centimeters, I think.  You're home free!
Unless that is.. your inside ski catches on the OTHER side.
This is the exact moment where one starts to reevaluate the choices they've made that got them this far in life.
As opposed to this moment, where one thinks that they are too young and beautiful to die.
It's hard thinking with mashed potatoes for brains.
That's not where my goggles go!
Checking to make sure there's still some brain left there.  Hint.  There's not.
Tony Montana meets Kenny Powers meets Rick James.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in videos!  I'm gonna get to them all, I promise.  Daddy loves each of you equally, but differently.  This shot sent to you by James Marshall. with that new stuff.  If anyone knows Andreas Zampa tell him to send me his instagram video.  Slalom Ace out.

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