Monday, January 13, 2014

What would Afroman do?

Let me set the stage for you.  Night slalom at Bormio, where the water flows like wine and the only things faster than the racers are the women.  Bright lights, big city.  So what would Afroman do?  He'd roll, roll, that '83.  "Cadillac" Christian Deville.  Probably the sickest nickname I've given anyone.  Let's hope it catches on.

Oh.. not QUITE draggin angles.  That's a shame.  Loooooser.
Someone skipped leg day.  You know what "Cadillac" Christian Deville says?  My legs are like my girlfriends.  I ignore them, and then they disappear.
"Cadillac" Christian Deville looks like he's bending over to check his ski boots for poop.
Now he's using his pole to prod at the pile of poop he stepped in.  He's also levitating for unrelated reasons.
Brain cells.  Who needs 'em! 
I believe that this race took place in Europe, which explains why "Cadillac" Christian Deville is yodeling.

Yes I'm watching the bachelor right now.  So what?  Haters gonna hate, "Cadillac" Christian Deville bangs gates.  And the back of his head on icy snow.  All you losers is losers, all my skiers is winning.  Stay tuned for #wildlifewednesday... it's gonna be off the hook.  Send me stuff.  I need more pics.  Slalom ace out.

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