Sunday, February 23, 2014

And On Sunday?

The good lord said "Go Forth and Straddle."  And it was good.  Tara "Just Barely Legal" Siegle straddling at Song Mountain, NY.  Which I have definitely never heard of before.  But it sounds super chill.  Thanks to Ned for the pics.

Numero Dos... the pressure is off you.  And yet, the pressure is on your inside ski.
I see someone dipping their foot into the water to test the temperature. 
Way too hot!  Get back!  Get back!
Winding up for the 360.  I'm on that good good.
Maybe a very fast attempt to get back up the hill?
Or it could just be... 
A snow fart.  Wipe four times, flush twice.  Double ply toilet paper.  Folded over.  This could get ugly.
I went to Pat's Peak today for the first time.  I really liked it.  Suicide Six, NH version.  I also learned about thigh gaps from U16 girls, so that was a little frightening.  Stop reading Cosmo, EVERYONE.  Good grief.  Skiers aren't supposed to have thigh gaps.  Come on, man.  Send me stuff!  Slalom Ace out.

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  1. Song is a nice area in Tully, NY, about 40 minutes south of Syracuse. I don't know this particular racer, but I admire her effort in trying to pass the gate legally in order to finish. BTW, you never say "Get back" or "Go Back". The only command to use is "Back". Glad you liked Pats. It's a fun hill