Friday, February 21, 2014

Keep Your Head Down To The Finish

Or actually, maybe don't do that.  Maybe keep your head up and try not to straddle the last gate before the finish.  Stephan "I like Big Butz" Lutz of Germany lives the loser life after skiing the loser line.  It's hard out there for an OG.  But hey, there's always next year, right?  I mean, there's always the next four years!  The #roadtoPyeongChang definitely doesn't involve both feet going on different sides of a gate though.  God it would suck if this happened to me.  Good thing the NCAA shut me down.  Actually based on my performance the last two weeks at Dartmouth and DU it's probably best for my safety and the safety of those I hold in the bonds of affection that the NCAA shut me down.  But I digest.  Back to the main course:

Stephan "I only text S" Lutz straddling the last gate like a goddamn buffoon.
Yeah bro just reach for that finish line.  No one will notice you've got a red flag wrapped around your boot.  "Oh zat?  Zat's always been zere!"
Yeah if I were your ski I'd reevaluate our relationship as well.  Turd.
He's dialing 1800-WOODCHIPPER looking for a final resting place for his skis.
Back on the coaching grind tomorrow ladies and gents.  U16 girls are at Sunapee!  Let's goooo!  Congratulations to Mikaela for her impressive and inspiring performance:

But I couldn't let her off THAT easily.  What are you thinking with that outside pole girl!  Fending off a dementor or what?
Got some MONEY blogs coming up.  Vacation is over.  I'm back on the grind.  I promise. with things that will make me laugh.  Slalom Ace out.

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