Monday, February 24, 2014

Nolan at the Olympics!

And getting some insane two-for-one deals:

Hover-Nolan is hovering 2 inches above the ground, but at least he has a pole plant going!  So that's nice!
At this point I can't sum up what's going through Nolan's head.  I'm no olympian.  But the face is always a good place to start.
This is not the face of a man who is executing plan "A".
Quick little karate kick...
And we're back!
And how do you feel now big guy?

What did Ted and Felix think about this course?
Well after this type of shenanigans...
You just gotta chill sometimes and feel bad together.
Adam Zampa has no idea what event he's skiing.  Slopestype was last week man.  Sick hands.  Raise the roof!
Got a good lineup for you the rest of the week plus one more roundup from Sochi.  Send me that good stuff.  Slalom ace out.

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